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Ashlee Simpson iPod Karaoke EditionAshlee. Or is it?

The new Ashlee Simpson Karaoke Edition iPod for Pop Stars

iPod Karaoke Edition

Never Miss A Beat

Like no other, iPod Ashlee Simpson Karaoke Edition stands out. Virgin white, it features the new Apple Fast-Forward Click Button and, on the flip side, complete how to use instructions. Available for just $349, it comes with enough money to use a pay phone for calling your daddy, your agent or both, when you get caught lip syncing live on national television. We have also included some Kleenex for those special times when your entire fan base realizes you're nothing but a talentless hack.

The complete Ashlee Simpson, all 4 songs!

Sing As Pretty As A Song Bird

Unlike other members of the iPod family, iPod Ashlee Simpson Karaoke Edition makes lip syncing to music sheer delight. Taking a cue from our one-button computer mice, we have eliminated the confusion of five buttons and trimmed it down to a fast-forward. Just click the large button and you're on to the next song! And you can certainly keep plenty of your music on this 20GB iPod. In fact, after purchasing and downloading "The Complete Ashlee Simpson," you'll still have enough room for as many as 4,996 other songs.(1)

Thinking of better days

No matter how much music or how many Audiobooks (you still read right?) you bring with you, however, iPod Karaoke Edition remains small and light enough to carry in your pocket: it's no bigger than a pack of playing cards and weighs just 5.6 ounces. No one will ever see an unsightly bulge when you use the iPod Karaoke Edition to "sing" "live" again!

It also offers up to 12 hours of battery life, so you can sync to music practically all day, after all you're not really using your voice at all so why not?.(2) And thanks to 25 minutes of skip protection, you can do a hoedown just like Ashlee without skipping like Milli Vanilli.

What's more, with iPod Karaoke Edition, you enjoy the best auto-sync in the industry *wink*. Just connect iPod to your Mac, PC or a Sony My First Computer, and iTunes takes care of business, keeping both iTunes and iPod in perfect harmony. Harmony? Webster's says it's "simultaneous combination of notes in a chord". Don't fret, we had to look it up too.

  1. Until the Ashlee Simpson Re-Mix CD is out, then that will bring the collection to a total of 8 sucky songs, 1 good song and 1 commentary track.
  2. Please consult your Los Angeles physician before trying to lip-sync for 12 hours straight.

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Thanks to Larry for the idea.